Monday, March 11, 2013

To Roy

You left me one late summer day
and fell down on the floor.

The EMS carted you away,
and I had to sign the papers,
to take you off of life support.

Did you leave your estate in such
as mess because you thought you
would never die?

You never came back to help me,
not even the day I yelled
“Roy, where are the wire nuts.”

My friend says her dead husband
comes back to help her.

You never came back.


Ed Lynskey said...

I liked your poem, Marti. I don't know if it's autobiographical, but I can identify with the sentiments you express. It's something practical you never really think of until it's too late. Thanks for the link and sharing with me,


Marti said...

Roy was my husband.

Lynn Gerrard said...

Another well written emotional piece Marti! You've managed to capture the grief, anger, frustration and all those niggling feelings that accompany loss...whilst never allowing them to overshadow the presence of love. ((hug))

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