Friday, February 3, 2012

De-cluttering my house and new dishwasher

I have not done anything creative in over two weeks.  My house, closets, storage shed, and garage are full of clutter and it is time to clean them out when the weather is still nice. 

I know many of you are living in areas that are still "winter," but here in Houston, I have not used the heater very much and we never did have a "hard" freeze.  My AC  has been on most of the time, and if the temp goes up, then the AC comes on.

I purchased some new lightweight coats last fall:  two hoodies and nice "car length" coat.  I have worn two of them -- both once.  I was looking forward to wearing some of my sweaters, but I have ended up wearing a couple of them once each.  It has been barefoot, jeans, and a T-shirt around  the house.  It was cold enough to wear my Ugg boots once!

Ordered a new dishwasher -- on sale but more than I need as far as cycle options, but I was going for the quietest one. It has everything I wanted plus adjustable racks .  Disposal came home with me.  Dishwasher will be delivered and both will be installed on Feb 13.  Of course, the quiet dishwasher (plus installation) and the 3/4 HP disposal (plus installation) don't come free.  However, the dishwasher should have been replaced many years ago and even though the disposal still works fine, I don't want it to die when I have some friends over for dinner.  (Yes, that happened to me -- not the best time for something to die.)

Both disposal and dishwasher are the Kenmore brand, but the salesman indicated that the dishwasher is probably made by Kitchen Aid.  I  hope it is quiet enough, as I have been in houses with high-end kitchen appliances where the dishwasher was so quiet that you didn't know it was running. 

New dishwasher has nylon racks; what I have now is metal that is coated with rubber, which of course wears out over time.  The racks in the existing dishwasher are "rotting" and some the pegs have broken off. 

I do know how to wash dishes by hand. I was a grown woman close to 25 years old before lived in a house with a dishwasher.