Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cooking for an Ex

What if you came over for dinner and I cooked your favorite dish?

You sat there grinning eating the food and drinking the wine.

You asked to take home a container of the food.

You wanted to toss me into bed, but I said no.

When you got sick the next day, did you think you should leave me alone?


Lynn Gerrard said...

Ahh revenge is so sweet....haha!.. You've managed to encapsulate the venom that that motivated the action leading to ultimate satisfaction....Great stuff once again!!!...

Marti said...

You would feel that way if you ever met him. He got his lies confused all of the time.

JJ Toner said...

Brilliant flash fiction, Marti.

Writing in the second person is unusual and very tricky.


Karen S Musgrave said...


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