Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Working on the Quilt Challenge

A little was accomplished yesterday in piecing and today was full of pleasant interruptions.  Emails from friends and phone calls from friends and my sister.  Also, Princess Honey Pie did not want me to work.

Princess Honey Pie

For those of your that do not have the honor of sharing your house with Siamese girls, they know that they are special and expect to be treated like Princesses.

UPS delivery person showed up after 9:00 PM with a new book:  
http://www.amazon.com/Quilts-Attic-Uncovering-Hidden-Stories/dp/0760341214  Karen and I met when she was living in my area of Houston and have been friends since many, many years ago; she moved as her husband had a new job in another state.  I have scanned through the book but will wait to read it tomorrow.


Martha said...

Oh, yes, we must respect the time our cats want to help with their special attention/inspiration! Your beautiful Honey Pie looks like she approves of your fabric choices. See my Bigboy helping me on an earlier piece on my blog in November 2011....I missed a photo op yesterday on the "What Was I Thinking?" challenge. Will keep the camera handy. http://www.marthaginn.blogspot.com

Marti said...

Martha, I don't think I could work without feline help! Sometimes it is best to let a cat sleep on a project in work, as they may be adding magical properties to the fabric.

I found your blog entry with your sweet baby "helping you." He looks like a love.

My new smart phone has a better camera than my "point and shoot" camera. Phone is usually in my jeans pocket during the day, so it is always handy for taking pictures.

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