Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Evening

Have given up on herbal teas.  I purchased some teas that have the base of black tea, so will try that for over-dyeing tests tomorrow.

The fabric closet ate some scraps I wanted to use in the challenge quilt, I looked and looked.  I know I didn't toss them out, as they were big enough to use.  I can find yardage of the fabrics, so can start over with new chunks and slices.

Some of the time spent looking for the leftovers was also chasing cats out of the area.  I have a new kitten and am also watching two kittens that belong to a friend.  The three kittens and two of my three older cats were having fun messing around in the room, and kittens were finding things that looked like cat toys!

Once I get the fabric scraps together, and use tea to tone down the white background  in the challenge fabric, this project should start moving along.  I will have to put up with the kittens and the older cats, as working in that tiny room with the door shut is not my idea of fun.

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