Sunday, January 22, 2012

Experimenting with Piñata Alcohol Inks and Pearl Ex

Many of you may have seen June Pfaff Daley's art on the cover of the latest CPS magazine:  CPS Jan/Feb 2012  I have used piñata inks a little, and have been using Pearl Ex for many years  I didn't have any scissors that I wanted to paint, so used a paint can opener.  I have many, as the hardware store always includes one with each can of  paint. 

Paint can opener
Jacquard products are available at many art supply stores, Dharma  Trading carries all of the inks. Look at the ink page for stores and on-line shops that carry them.
Piñata Alcohol Ink
Pearl Ex

I used the ink mixed with extender so I could paint it on with a small brush.  Then I mixed Pearl Ex with the extender and painted it on.  I plan to add more color soon! 

I worked in the garage and next time I need to add a better light source and remember to wear disposable gloves.  It takes a long time to get alcohol ink out from under your finger nails!  When I get tired of paint can openers, I know I have other metal items that I can use to learn the technique before I move on to old keys and other things that are laying around in the garage.

Karen's challenge helped me find my muse (missing for a year) and now my muse won't stop tossing creative things at me!  (That is a good thing.)


Martha said...

Very interesting, Marti. I've never used the alcohol inks, but with a name like Pinata it sounds like something that might explode. HaHa. That's not the pink/brown challenge fabric under the metal paint can opener, is it? It's beautiful if so!

Marti said...

Martha, The fabric under the paint can opener is a piece of silk. The color of the silk helped the paint can opener "pop" when I took a picture.

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